Rules for the Rainwood

These rules work hand-in-hand with the RW FAQ and both must be adhered to at all times while on the sim.
  1. Have fun.
  2. Don’t be a jerk—treat people with respect and help them to have fun too. We have very low tolerance for out of character (OOC) drama, take it somewhere else.
  3. Know and respect the rules. You must comply with these rules, the FAQ, and all of the Linden Labs terms of service (ToS) at all times.
  4. You must be real life 18 years of age or older to enter the sim, no exceptions.
  5. Honor the “kid safe” areas. The Rainwood allows child avatars and has some designated areas for them (currently the orphanage and the kid caves with its entrance behind the orphanage). Adult-themed RP is frowned upon in these areas and if a child avatar appears must be abandoned immediately and in most cases you must leave the area—it’s for the kids, adults have enough places to play.
  6. Use proper roleplay (RP) etiquette. This includes following posting order (PO), using proper terms of address, using proper grammar, etc. If you are new to RP, we have some very skilled and experienced RPers that would be thrilled to teach you the ropes. Feel free to contact any admin or moderator (mod) if you would like some lessons.
  7. Post and follow RP limits. This is an adult GoT sim; there may be incidents of violence, sex, rape, and more. We don’t want anyone feeling forced into a situation they don’t wish to be in, so post your RP limits in your profile and read others RP limits from theirs. Breaking someone’s RP limits are grounds for banning, if in doubt ask first.
  8. No god-modding, meta gaming, nor power gaming. If you don’t know what those are, find out. There is a poster at the Landing Point that explains them.
  9. Wear your titler. There is both a free titler and a free RP HUD with a built in titler available at the RW Landing Point. We don’t require you use these, but we do require you wear a titler that identifies your IC name at all times. Nobles should prefix their name with Lord, Lady, or their official title.
  10. Wear appropriate garb. This is a GoT/medieval sim, dress you avatar accordingly. Your garb should also reflect your social status (e.g. smallfolk don’t wear gowns fitting to queens).
  11. Visitors must wear the appropriate tag (either “OOC Visitor” or “Just off the Boat”)
    a. OOC Visitor- This is if you just wish to check out the sim, and not participate in RP.
    b. Just off the Boat- This is for when you wish to participate in RP to get a feel for it. Your character can be a visiting Noble, merchant, or a small folk.
  12. Visitors should respect our players and not interfere with on-going RP. If visitors have any questions, they should ask them in IM or discord and not in public chat.
  13. Playing multiple avatars (alts) is allowed, but you have to inform admin of each and every alt you have on the sim.
  14. Animal avatars are allowed subject to approval and must be “natural” (see FAQ for details).
  15. Child avatars are allowed under strict conditions, failure to follow those conditions will lead to immediate banning and reporting to Linden Labs if appropriate (see FAQ).
  16. Don’t use gestures/emotes (e.g. ¸¸.•¨¯`•✯ ゚’Scuse me bitch, but you need to back off! That man is MINE! ゚✯•¨¯`•.¸) in local chat.
  17. Remove your avatar from the scene (e.g. behind a building, in a hideaway) if you go AFK for an extended time. For short absences, typing “((BRB))” in local chat will suffice.
  18. No taking-up two roles that offer rent free living quarters (all alts count), this is explained better in the FAQ.
  19. No playing “major” characters/houses (e.g. Baratheon, Stark, Arryn, Lannister, Tyrell) without approval—approvals will be very limited and must not detract from the focus on Rainwood noble houses.
  20. No slave trading in the Rainwood, slaves must be kept properly covered (no public nudity) and properly treated (no public humiliation).
  21. Keep OOC conversations out of local chat, take them to IM or Discord
  22. No flying (unless you have been approved as a bird), nor TPing into public areas.