Welcome to the Rainwood

A medieval Roleplayers‘ Playground.

A Linden Labs Second Life fan sim based on the world of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire/ Game of Thrones*

Our premise

After the Great Council of 305, Davos Seaworth served on King Bran’s small council as the Master of Ships. The ravages of war and politics, as well as the loss of his sons and the sacrifice of Shireen, Stannis Baratheon’s daughter, had taken their toll on Davos. While serving Brandon, Lord Davos formulated a plan for building a merchant alliance powerful enough to circumvent the influences of politics and religion, an alliance purely based and run on the principles of business and free trade. Ultimately, Davos wrote “The Onion Skin”, a defining document that described his vision and set guiding principles for his descendants to realize this goal.

It is now 540 AC, in the past centuries the Seaworth Alliance of Merchants has grown into a formidable trade empire with a dominate presence throughout the known world. The Rainwood has been declared a free trade zone and has grown into a center of trade and a “Merchants’ Mecca” where traders from all over the globe come to trade and even vacation. All noble houses of Cape Wrath have joined and become quite prosperous with the Seaworth Alliance of Merchants, which effectively governs the Rainwood based on the politically and religiously tolerant premises that the free flow of trade and respect for our fellow man of all classes will lead to prosperity.

What we offer

The Rainwood is a vast, beautiful, Second Life roleplaying sim based on the world of George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels and the Game of Thrones television series.

The political and religious framework has been careful designed to provide role-players with just enough structure to allow interaction and continuity, while allowing them the freedom to create and develop their own stories and sub communities.

The sim is primarily an adult sim, but has some designated PG areas where vetted and trained role-players may play child avatars under a strict set of rules and monitoring.

There are eight noble houses that can be joined after clearing an application process to ensure harmony and continuity within each house. Players may also choose to become small folk or business persons that are not bound to any one house. Active players may apply to run one of any number of businesses. Some businesses are tied to a specific house, some are free to run, and others must be rented. The sim also offers a number of houses that members may choose to rent, decorate, and live in for a reasonable amount of Lindens—all of which go to help cover the costs of maintaining the sim.

As was the case in the novels, magic and dragons are mostly just rumors and wives tales. This means that, for the most part, they do not exist on the sim.

The Seaworth Alliance of Merchants is vehemently against human trafficking and the slave trade, but are also tolerant of other cultural norms. As a result visitors may bring their slaves to the Rainwood, but any mistreatment or attempt to trade them will result in quick and harsh punishment of the abusers.

Visitors are welcome to explore the sim and dabble in non-interruptive roleplay, but must where a visitors tag to identify them as such. Approved applicants are expected to be a member of the Rainwood OOC group and are highly encouraged to join the Rainwood Discord channel as well.

What we expect

Both visitors and approved members are expected to have read all of the rules of the Rainwood and the Rainwood FAQ.

We are a harmonious and tolerant community and expect people to treat each other with mutual respect—real world biases, prejudices, or religious and political beliefs have no place here.

Both the Second Life ToS and the rules of the Rainwood must be followed at all times. We also expect you to know and follow the recognized protocols of sl roleplay. If you are new to roleplay, let us know and we will help you to learn the ropes. Put your roleplay limits in your profile and respect and abide by people’s roleplay limits, if you are unsure ask OOC before bringing it IC.

Don’t get carried away, make the Rainwood a realistic, believable GoT world that we can all happily escape to.