Does the Rainwood require a HUD to roleplay?

Both a free HUD that offers a titler and combat system, as well as a simple titler are available at the landing point. The HUD is NOT required for RP at the Rainwood; however, a titler is. Please note that the HUD may be required if you wish to participate in some future events, such as tournaments. It is your choice which you use, but as a minimum a titler with your IC name is required.

Must I wear an overhead TITLER at the Rainwood?

Yes, either a Rainwood Visitor’s Tag or a titler that gives your IC name as a minimum are required for roleplay at the Rainwood. This allows players and admin to easily identify you and for you to share some things without having to constantly type it in chat. There are visitor tags, titlers, and a free HUD with a built in titler all available at the Landing Point.

What is required to be in my TITLER text?

Your titler should give your current in-character (IC) name as a minimum. For NON-CITIZENS (people just checking out the sim) your status should be either “RW Visitor” or “Fresh off the Boat” (people who are roleplaying but do not yet have an approved application on file). These visitor tags are also available at the Landing Point. For RAINWOOD CITIZENS (approved application): you may use a number of ways to identify yourself (e.g. smallfolk, merchant, shop owner, etc.), but nobles must lead their name with “Lord” or “Lady” or their appropriate official title.

Can I rez and ride HORSES at the Rainwood?

Yes, there are horse rezers available at the stables in Weeping Town as well as the stables on the Farmlands. If you choose to ride your own horse, we request that you wear them versus rezing them whenever possible and that you return them to your inventory when not in use. This helps prevent additional lag on the sim. Horses left roaming the sim without an owner will be returned to the owner without warning. PLEASE NOTE: We accept no responsibility for any loss due to Rainwood admin members returning unattended horses or other items to their owners.

Is there a MONEY system at the Rainwood?

Other than using the standard 100 copper= 1 silver; 100 silver= 1 gold piece when speaking of money in your roleplay, we have no set monetary system. We do however expect players to be realistic when it comes to money during their roleplay. For example, a smallfolk coming to the Inn and ordering a large dinner and drinks and paying with a gold piece is unrealistic 99.9% of the time or a noble simply placing an order for 10 new ships and paying cash is also unrealistic in most cases.

Are there DRAGONS at the Rainwood?

Officially there are NO DRAGONS in the Rainwood. However there are rumors of occasional sightings of dragons in the skies of the Western borders or Green Island—these sighting have never been confirmed however. (This means Rainwood citizens may not own, rez, ride, etc. dragons).

Is public NUDITY allowed at the Rainwood?

With the exception of certain PG areas (e.g. the majority of the Farmlands), public nudity is allowed in the Rainwood if it is realistic, does not involve children, and is done with discretion. For some areas (e.g. the bath house) nudity is the norm. Part of the child avatar approval process includes instructions and training on how child avatars must respond if they happen upon such “adult” things, but it takes a community to raise the child, so all citizens are responsible for staying within the rules set forth for the sim and by Linden Labs. Breaching these rules may be grounds for immediate banning of your avatar and possible reporting to Linden Labs if the situation is grave.

May I put up a business at the LANDING POINT?

There are a few stands for businesses at the Landing Point. These business are approved by admin on a case by case basis. Among other criteria, these businesses must be somehow connected/helpful to RP at the Rainwood.

What is the TRAVEL TIME between different parts of the Rainwood?

To keep RP in the Rainwood realistic and offer players some guidance for their RP, we have set up these guidelines for travel within the Rainwood:
– Ferry between Weeping Town and Estermont: 1/2 a day
– Weeping Town to the village in the Farmlands: 1 hour by horse.
– Farmlands village to Western Borders entrance: 2 days by horse

Is it okay to spread gossip and rumors to enhance roleplay?

We understand that gossip and rumors are a real part of any community and can be a fun and effective tool in RP. However, we also must consider the potential for metagaming, god modding or hurting or offending people with gossip. As a result we have developed this guideline for gossip. You are free to pass rumors about your own characters, but if any rumor you want to pass involves other people, you must get their approval before spreading it. The exception to this is when something happened IC in a public place and it is reasonable to think it was “public”. In that case, such events may be spoken of and speculated on (but only based on what was seen publicly—no meta gaming). Examples: If you see something while camming someone in their private home, you can NOT use that information. If you see someone get slapped in the face at the tavern, you can talk about it.

I have a grievance with another player, what should I do?

We are all adults here, we would hope you can work-out differences between one another on your own; However, if this is not possible, please contact an admin person with your grievance. If it is case where a member may need to be banned for breaking SL ToS or RW rules we will need transcripts (notecards, screenshots, etc.) of the incident so we can investigate the situation and get the other person’s side of the story before passing any judgement.

Why can’t I REZ anything?

In order to prevent griefers and to keep track of sim prim count, rez rights are not automatic and only given to specific people. Primarily they are only given to people who have rented a home, business, or “extra prims”.


Is there a dress code for AVATARS?

Yes! The Rainwood is a GoT/medieval sim and players are required to dress appropriate to that world/era and their IC roles at all times. If a question of what is or is not appropriate arises, admin has final say.

May I roleplay multi AVATARS?

Yes, players are allowed to roleplay multiple avatars as long as they don’t use them to unfairly influence game play/RP. A new application for the alternate avatar must be completed and admin must be informed and aware of who the person behind each avatar is. Because of the potential for unfairly influencing roleplay, playing alternate avatars without informing admin could be cause for banishment from the sim. We ask that players do not take up two or more rent-free positions/businesses. For example, you are in a noble house and want to work at the butcher shop—your alt can work at the butcher shop, but not own it. (See other FAQ questions on businesses for more clarification).

Can I play an animal AVATAR?

Admin will consider allowing animal avatars on a case by case basis, but they must be natural (no mystical creatures, furries, etc.) If one is approved it can only be a typical animal of the region (e.g. a dog, fox, bird or horse). Animal avatars cannot speak and must be played as close as possible to their nature.

Child Avatars

Are CHILD AVATARS allowed to roleplay at the Rainwood?

The sim is primarily an adult sim, but has some designated PG areas where vetted and trained role-players may play child avatars under a strict set of rules and monitoring.

What restrictions do CHILD AVATARS have?

First and foremost child avatars need to adhere to Second life Terms of Service. This is an absolute requirement and will lead to an instant ban if any of those are disobeyed. No child nudity on sim. If you need to change your avatar, please do it in a private residence or the orphanage and do not stay naked longer than necessary. Child avatars are expected to vacate the area if there is a naked adult in the public vicinity. Child avatars are to vacate the area if there is graphic violence or adult themes being RP’d. This is to protect the sim from forced closure. The Farmlands are mostly PG and child avatars can walk around there without concern. However, should there be erotic roleplay (ERP) happening in a private house or secluded area we encourage you to move out of chat range.

The Child Caves and the Orphanage are children’s areas, if child avatars come upon adults RPing adult themes or violence in these areas, the ADULTS are responsible for immediately vacating the RP and, in most cases, the area.

Noble Houses

May I join any NOBLE HOUSE that I like?

No, to ensure a harmony within houses, we will not force any Head of House (HoH) to take-on a new family member. This means you should speak with the existing HoH about your ideas for joining their house. If it is agreeable (how this is decided within the house/family is left to the HOH to decide), the HoH will inform admin and you will be approved for that role.

Do I have to be a member of a NOBLE HOUSE to roleplay at the Rainwood?

No, there are many smallfolk and business positions and roles that do not require you to be a noble or a member of a certain house.

How do I become head of a NOBLE HOUSE (HoH)?

Due to the critical nature and responsibilities of the Heads of House, admin vets people for these positions. Our primary considerations when selecting a HoH are whether they are active on sim, have shown a good grasp of the politics and art of running a noble house, and their ability to consider the wider repercussions of seemingly minor decisions and interactions. HoH’s must also display full loyalty and dedication to the Seaworth Alliance of Merchants.

Can I be a Stark, Arryn, or Lannister?

You may roleplay in the Rainwood as a visiting noble from a non-Rainwood house that is conducting business or vacationing. However, to do so as a head or high positioned member of any of the major houses, it will have to be approved by admin and considered on a case by case basis. This sim’s focus is on the Rainwood and its members, outside houses should not be major players in development and everyday management of the Rainwood.

Businesses of the Rainwood

Can anyone run any BUSINESS?

There are three types of business in the Rainwood. HOUSE BUSINESSes are businesses assigned exclusively to the different Rainwood noble houses. RENTAL BUSINESSes are businesses that the owner, upon approval, must pay rent to own and run. RENT FREE BUSINESSes are businesses that anyone can run at no cost after being approved by admin. We expect business owners to be present on sim and regularly available for roleplay.

Do I have to rent a place to run a BUSINESS?

Many rent free businesses are available to run upon approval of admin. Business owners are expected to be regularly present on sim and available for roleplay.

Can I be a member of a NOBLE HOUSE and still run my own business?

As a member of a noble house, you may be allowed to run your own business under certain stipulations: We prefer that businesses that include living quarters be reserved for players that do not already have a home (e.g. the manor house). If a high demand for businesses arises, members of noble houses may be asked give up ownership of non-house businesses—they can then work for the owner of the business if it is agreeable for all parties involved.


Can I bring my previous knight title with me to the Rainwood?

If you have gone through the rigorous training and successfully become a knight in another GoT sim, then congratulations and of course, as is normal protocol, your knighthood will be recognized at the Rainwood as well. However, during the application process admin will ask for some specifics on your knight training to ensure you are not simply giving yourself a title you have not earned.

Can I become a knight of the Rainwood?

We plan to offer this opportunity in the future, but have to first establish some rules and guidance for it and find the right person(s) to do it.

Who can knight someone?

In regards to the Rainwood, this is currently being defined. This will be updated when we have established this more specifically.


Is slavery allowed in the Rainwood?

Trading in slaves and human lives is strictly forbidden in the Rainwood and for any members of the Seaworth Alliance of Merchants. However, merchants and visitors are allowed to bring their slaves to the Rainwood as long as they abide by some strict guidelines (e.g. no abuse, trading, public disciplining). Those who do not follow the rules are quickly and severely punished.