Rental Businesses (with living quarters)

The Vineyards

The Vineyards

A vineyard in the Farmlands where wine is produced and people come from all over to enjoy a nice antipasti and some wine while enjoying the view over the vineyards. This business includes a house.

Type: Rental

Status: Inquire

The Fisherman

The Fisherman (Weeping Town)

The simple fisherman’s hut is on stilts near the Estermont fish jetty in Weeping Town. It is the perfect business for a simple fisherman and includes accommodations.

Type: Rental

Status: Inquire

Rent Free Businesses (without living quarters)

The Apothecary

The Apothecary (Weeping Town)

The apothecary lies downstairs from the Maester’s quarters and infirmary in the Weeping Town Harbor. Here you can come to get your healing herbs, spices, potions, and ointments.

Type: Rent Free

Status: Inquire

The Bakery

The Bakery (Weeping Town)

The bakery lies just down the road from the grain mill and provides the Rainwood with the finest baked goods.

Type: Rent Free

Status: Inquire

The Bath House

The Bath House (Weeping Town)

Influenced by the beautiful pillow and bath houses of Lys, our luxurious bath house provides bathing, steam baths, and massage to the residents and visitors of Rainwood. This business is clothing optional and not for children.

Type: Rent Free

Status: Inquire

The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith (Weeping Town)

The blacksmith in the harbor of Weeping Town can meet all of your smithing needs. It also has a satellite location at the tournament grounds.

Type: Rent Free

Proprietor: Kimmy (mariaoflanda)

The Brewery

The Brewery (Weeping Town)

The brewery in Weeping Town is your one-stop shop for ale, mead, ciders, and distilled spirits. It also has beehives and the equipment for producing the sweetest of honeys, an essential element in mead.

Type: Rent Free

Status: Inquire

The Florist

The Florist (Weeping Town)

The flower shop market stall on the beach of Weeping Town can provide you with everything from nice plants and decoration for your home to lavish bouquets and arrangements for your special events.

Type: Rent Free

Proprietor:  Mirela (Sadira Braveheart)

The Mapmaker

The Mapmaker (Weeping Town)

The mapmaker is collocated with the Harbor Master in the Weeping Town harbor building. Here you can find all your map needs and share your new discoveries to improve our knowledge of the known world.

Type: Rent Free

Proprietor: Lord Davos Seaworth III

The Potter

The Potter (Weeping Town)

Located near the flower shop in Weeping Town’s market square, our artisan potter can provide you with the finest of your ceramic needs from simple and practical to lavish and decorative.

Type: Rent Free

Status: Inquire

Local Pub

The Local Pub (Farmlands)

The local pub is where families and residents of the Farmlands can go to have a drink and catch up on or share the latest news. Its open-air style and view of the water is quite refreshing.

Type: Rent Free

Status: Inquire

The Stables

The Stables (Farmlands)

The Rainwood’s primary stables lies in the Farmlands and has small satellite locations in Weeping Town, the Western Borders, and the tournament grounds.

Type: Rental

Proprietor: Grace Seaworth (countess chickenwing)

The Tanner

The Tanner (Weeping Town)

Located in the Harbor District of Weeping Town, the tanner not only tans and cures hides and furs, but deals in the import and export of such items as well.

Type: Rent Free

Status: Inquire

The Salty Siren

The Salty Siren (Weeping Town)

The Salty Siren is the sailor’s home away from home with a tavern on the ground floor and dancers, whores, and cheap baths & beds upstairs. This business is NOT for children.

Type: Rent Free

Status: Inquire

The Candle Maker

The Candle Maker (Weeping Town)

The candle maker in the Weeping Town Harbor District is where Rainwood citizens got to get all their candle lighting needs.

Type: Rent Free

Status: Inquire

The Soap Maker

The Soap Maker (Weeping Town)

The soap maker on the beach at the Weeping Town market place is where soaps, both simple and exotic, are made and sold.

Type: Rent Free

Status: Inquire

The Raven Post

The Raven Post (Weeping Town)

The Raven Post, located in Weeping Town’s Harbor District, offers scribe and messenger services with crows and messengers that can reach all corners of the world.

Type: Rent Free

Status: Inquire

Rent Free Businesses (with living quarters)

The Butcher

The Butcher (Weeping Town)

The butcher lies in the Harbor District of Weeping Town and provides all your slaughter and meat preparation goods and services, including a smoke house.

Type: Rent Free

Status: Inquire

The Cheesery

The Cheesery (Weeping Town)

The cheesery in Weeping Town’s Harbor District buys its raw products from both the Rainwood’s farmers and from abroad so they can create and sell you the finest of cheese and dairy products.

Type: Rent Free

Status: Inquire

The Rainwood Inn

The Rainwood Inn (Weeping Town)

The Rainwood Inn provides the finest dining and luxury accommodations. While catering to the social elite, it is also a popular stop over point for visiting businessmen, nobles, and vacationers.

Type: Rent Free

Status: Leased

Inn Keeper: Shelby

The Laundry

The Laundry (Weeping Town)

The laundry lies behind the Bath House in Weeping Town and provides all types of laundry services. Its workers are often seen at the riverbank sharing gossip while scrubbing and preparing the laundry.

Type: Rent Free

Status: Inquire

The Mercantile

The Mercantile (Weeping Town)

From candles to shovels to hardtack, the mercantile in the Rainwood Harbor specializes in providing ships and residents with all their provisioning needs.

Type: Rent Free

Status: Inquire

The Seamstress

The Seamstress (Weeping Town)

The Seamstress in Weeping Town’s Harbor district, provides all forms of seamstress and tailoring services and supplies. They are world renowned for their luxury gowns and skills.

Type: Rent Free

Proprietor: Pamtseo Solo

The Wood Witch House

The Wood Witch House (Farmlands)

The small Wood Witch Hut in the Farmlands is where Rainwood’s wood witches (healers) reside and practice their profession.

Type: Rent Free

Status: Inquire

House Owned Businesses

The Tea House

The Tea House (Weeping Town)

The Tea House in Weeping Town is a fine establishment with international flair–a luxurious place where “good girls” can go to chat and enjoy some tea and cakes.

Proprietors: House Wylde

The Orchards

The Orchards (Farmlands)

The orchards are the Rainwood’s source for fruit of all kind—even those imported from afar.

Proprietors: House Rogers

The Grain Mill & Fields

The Grain Mill & Fields (Weeping Town/Farmlands)

The grain mill is where House Mertyns grinds their freshly harvested grains into flour.

Proprietors: House Mertyns

The Mines

The Mines (Western Borders)

House Swann mines many different precious stones and metals in the Western Borders. They also mine and export large quantities of iron and other ores.

Proprietors: House Swann

The Jeweler

The Jeweler (Weeping Town)

House Morrigen’s jewelry is highly sought after and even worn by kings and queens. Their new store just opened in the Weeping Town market place.

Proprietors: House Morrigen

The Lumber Mill

The Lumber Mill (Western Borders)

House Connington has vast forests and a lumber mill in the Western Borders. Wood and lumber is one of the Rainwood’s primary exports.

Proprietors: House Connington

The Fish Jetty

The Fish Jetty (Weeping Town)

The Fish Jetty is a place where everyone can go to enjoy fresh seafood at an affordable price. Rumor is that House Estermont picks the best of their catch for the Jetty before selling and exporting the rest.

Proprietors: House Estermont