Regions of the Rainwood

Weeping Town

Weeping Town is the commercial center of the Rainwood. Here you will find: the Harbor; the town center with its market place and various businesses; the luxurious Inn, Tea House, and Bath House; as well as the Festival Hall where residents of the Rainwood celebrate. Just outside of Weeping Town proper, there are stables, barracks, the fish jetty and fishery, the temple of The Seven, the grain mill, and the Davos House ruins. Houses Seaworth, Wylde, and Whitehead find their manors in and around Weeping Town.

The Harbor District

The Harbor District, a suburb of Weeping Town, is where residents of the Rainwood go for their daily needs and more. Here you will find the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker alongside the tailor, the Raven Post, the cheesery, and the tanner. Sailors returning from sea find the Salty Siren tavern, bordello, baths, and beds a home away from home.

The Farmlands

The Farmlands, a short hour’s ride from Weeping Town is a wooded region where the Houses Rogers and Mertyn’s find their homes. Here you will find the orphanage, stables, winery, farms, orchards, and a small tavern in the village. The Wood Witches, the Rainwood’s highly skilled healers also make their home in a far corner of the Farmlands. For those who follow the Old Gods, an ancient Weirwood also stands majestically in the hills of the Farmlands.

The Western Borders

The Western Borders, where Cape Wrath meets the Marches, is an open, wild area populated with plenty of game and rumors that the Red Priestesses of R’hlor find this area sacred. Three noble houses find their homes and core businesses here: House Swann with its mines, House Morrigen with its jewel trade, and House Connington’s lumber mill. The wildness of this region also makes it a perfect training area for the Rainwood’s Rangerss

Estermont Island

Estermont Island, a half day’s sea journey from Weeping Town, is the home of House Estermont. The island is mostly bare of civilization so wildlife on land and sea, some of it quite dangerous, thrives here. There are also rumors of a secret sea port here.

The Tournament Grounds

Where residents of the Rainwood go to hone their combat skills and celebrate their heroes, the tournament grounds offer jousting, archery, an arena, and some support functions for warriors and visitors alike.

The Child Caves

With their “secret entrance” behind the orphanage, the child caves are an area designated for the children of the Rainwood. Adults are not welcome here and are required to leave immediately upon sensing the presence of children. These caves arte our children’s Neverland where they can be pirates, dragon hunters, rogues or adventurers.

The Diving Pool

The ridges around the Diving pool near Weeping Town are often populated by spectators admiring the skills of the Rainwood’s platform divers. Even amateurs are welcome to try and brave the precarious way up to the platform that they too may experience the thrill of diving.